Why Organic?

I remember the day I got serious about the idea of “going organic”. I’d been hearing and reading so much about it, and found that it resonated with how I wanted to live my life, but I had a real barrier to taking action and making the transition.


I was chatting with a guy at the local market, conscious enough of my health at the time to be buying fresh fruit and veg. He started talking to me about organic produce, and I automatically responded with my barrier: “I can’t afford to buy organic.”


I was so used to saying it, and getting the nods of agreement as to how expensive it was, that I was a little shocked with his response. But these were the words that triggered one of the most important transitions in my life:

“I don’t think you can afford not to.”

It was confronting, and it kept playing on my mind. I worked out, I didn’t eat junk, and I ate fresh, clean food (mostly). How could I not afford to not eat organic? And why was I letting some guy I’d met once get under my skin so much?


I knew that it was something important for me to look into, so I started doing more research. At first, I was confused by what I was reading – why would they be allowed to sell us all this food that was so dangerous to our health? It made a lot of sense to me though, so I kept reading. I’d been getting some random rashes and gut issues that couldn’t be medically attributed to anything, so I decided that the only way to know for sure if this organic stuff was real would be to try it out.


It wasn’t an overnight transition. I spent a couple of years going clean, starting with fruits and vegetables, then meats, and then cleaning products and skincare. As I slowly swapped out my regular produce for organic produce, I noticed how much better the food tasted. It reminded me of my childhood days on our family farm, eating fresh, in season, delicious food, all from our own land.


Sure enough, my mysterious medical ailments started disappearing. I gave quiet thanks to the man at the market for the confronting knowledge that was now improving my life.



When I moved to Noosa I felt ready to make the full transition. It made it even easier that we are so blessed here with amazing Farmer’s Markets and organic grocers (check out Belmondos Organic Market and Organika for incredible organic coffee, amidst a huge selection of all organic groceries and household items).


The only thing missing for me was a salon that could provide a luxe, organic service without the usual harsh chemical processing we’re used to in the salon world. I’m super passionate about the benefits of organic living, so it was a dream come true to be able to create an organic salon experience for you at Si. Organics.


If moving toward an organic lifestyle is something you’re interested in, I encourage you to do any research that makes you comfortable. As a little starter, here are a few of the reasons I choose organic:


Health and Wellbeing


The human body was designed to feel a LOT better than most people say they feel on a daily basis. It’s so important when looking at how we care for ourselves and our loved ones, to remember that we are striving for wellness, not just running from sickness. I wasn’t “sick”, but I was certainly not at peak health. It’s only been since removing the toxic build-up of synthetic hormones, antibiotics and chemical pesticides in my food that my health has started to hit new heights.


This is especially important to me as a stylist, as I now know that chemicals in skincare, haircare and cleaning products are absorbed into the bloodstream just as quickly and easily through the skin as they would be by swallowing or inhaling them. Organic products are free from all the nasties and give you a much better chance of keeping your body in a balanced, non-toxic state.


Si. Organics is lucky to have partnered with Oway (Organic Way), an organic haircare company whose philosophies really align with ours. All the biodynamic ingredients in their products are grown on their organic farm Ortofficina, in beautiful Bologna, Italy.



Pure essential oils, grown on the farm, are used as the active ingredients, so all product is gentle on your hair and scalp, with no toxins to breathe in. The calming, fresh fragrances of the oils will nurture your senses throughout your service and beyond. Oway are all about green chemistry and eco-sustainable luxury (think recyclable amber glass bottles and aluminium packaging), which we love! And the best part – the gorgeous results for your hair!




Remember all those chemical nasties you don’t want in your body? Well it’s a safe bet you don’t want them in your water and air either! Which is exactly where they’ll end up through most agricultural processes that use agrochemicals (synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones etc.).


Organic agriculture is playing the long game – the intention is to create sustainable ecological balance. Rather than dealing with problems after they pop up, organic farming methods are thinking years in advance and producing our food whilst encouraging and maintaining diversity in the ecosystem. Biodiversity is key to the future balance of life on Earth, and we can help achieve that by supporting organic farming.


Ortofficina Organic Farm


Supporting Local


Chances are, when you’re buying organic, it will be from a local producer. That means you’re supporting your own community by keeping the dollars flowing close to home.


You’ll also get all those yummy health benefits, as local produce will be freshly picked (within 24 hours of getting to you), rather than picked and cold-stored and shipped for weeks. This also means extra flavour, especially as you’ll be eating in-season produce.


Plus, it’s nice to know where your food comes from. Almost makes you feel like you grew it yourself (Almost. I’m only at herb garden stage, but there will be a full veggie patch one day!).


Value for Money


My “I can’t afford it” barrier to going organic is a common one. Making the final transition required a big mindset shift for me, and it’s a mindset that I’m passionate about sharing with as many women as possible. You see, I always thought that nourishing my body with organic produce and products was a luxury that I didn’t deserve.


I was wrong.


I do deserve the best produce. I do deserve to feel amazing and be brimming with vibrant health. I deserve to say “yes” to myself. And so do you. Plus, organic living doesn’t have to be as expensive as we’ve been told.


Organic food far surpasses non-organic on a value-for-money basis. Not only are there less long term costs due to improved health and less potential medical bills, you’re also getting much higher nutrition content in less quantities of food. Sounds like a win to me!


I’m grateful to have discovered the benefits of the organic life, and I’m happy that I now get to share that with you at Si.


Say “yes” to you. Experience the difference of organic, in the sanctuary of Si.


Hope to meet you soon,


Sam xx