Experience is Everything

I’m a big believer in creating and enjoying amazing experiences.  It’s the reason I travel.  The reason I chose to move to Perth from country NSW, then pack up and move to London, and ultimately why I’ve chosen Noosa as home.  For the experience of being in this beautiful place.

We’re having an experience in every moment, whether it be watching the whales play in the ocean (have you seen your first one for the season yet?  Such a magical time of year on the coast!), or standing in line at the bank.  Whether it’s pleasant or yuck is mostly up to us – if I’m standing in a long queue I can choose to be frustrated because I have heaps to do after this, or I can choose to allow myself to stop for a moment or even check my emails if I want to be productive.

I’m all for the idea that we’re responsible for our own experience in the world.  But I also feel called to do my part in creating uplifting experiences for others when I’m sharing space with them.

Why do I love being a stylist?  Because I get to help my clients feel amazing, not just by giving them great hair (that’s a given), but by creating space for them to have a nourishing experience.

“Sam is amazingly talented at what she does, not to mention the absolutely beautiful and soothing space she has created. It’s such a different and welcome experience in a society that is always moving. To be able to settle, take a deep breath and get your hair done at the same time….perfection!”                                   – Ashley

I’m lucky to be able to do this in my own studio at Si. Organics.  I get to focus completely on one client at a time, creating a peaceful sanctuary for nurturing.  The time I spend with my clients is precious to me, and I’m grateful to be able to meet and care for such wonderful people.  My vision has always been to make the salon experience about more than just the technical elements of the hair – to give time and opportunity to my clients to say yes to themselves and enjoy the experience.

“As soon as I step inside the salon, I feel a sense of calm and arriving.  Sam has such a gentle energy and holds a beautiful space for relaxation and gentle exploration of self.  Sam is able to guide conversation in a way that brings my awareness back to me.  I feel heard and cared for, and that I matter.  Sam is a guiding light of love, and I always leave the salon feeling realigned with me, and encouraged to live in my truth.  And that’s all from just getting my colour done!”  – Leah

Here’s an idea of what you can expect when you spend time with me at Si:

  • A welcome massage ritual, using a personalised blend of essential oils tailored to how you’re feeling when you arrive.  This helps ease you out of the day and into your own oasis of relaxation.
  • A thorough consultation so we can ensure you absolutely love your hair when you leave.  You can feel comfortable and relax throughout the service because you’ll know your vision for your hair is going to come to life.  (I’m so passionate about the importance of great communication and consultation that I’ll be sharing a whole post on it in a couple of weeks.)
  • A completely organic selection of teas, coffees and wines to choose from anytime during your service.
  • The organic, nutrient-rich Smoothie of the Day, to nourish you from the inside out.
  • A range of enriching books and magazines to enjoy while your colour processes, relaxing out on the deck if you feel like enjoying the natural surrounds
  • Everybody’s favourite – a pressure point head massage at the basin while your treatment works its magic on those lush locks.  You’ll be amazed at how much tension you release.
  • A good chat and some education while I’m doing your hair, so that you leave with the knowledge and skills to be able to do your new ‘do at home.
  • And of course, cuddles with Harry if you need some puppy therapy.  He’s pretty irresistible 🙂


I’m excited every day to share this space with my clients and give you a nurturing experience, just one step away from your busy life.

Hope to pamper you soon,

Sam xx